January 4, 2024
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A key indicator that you are working with a professional and reputable spray foam insulation service provider is their ability to properly explain the difference between open-cell and closed-cell foam insulation. Spray Foam Insulation Westminster maintains its reputation as the top service provider in the area because we make you a part of this process, which otherwise, can be confusing. Please read on about the unique characteristics and uses of open-cell and closed-cell foam.

What's the Difference?

The difference between open and closed cell foam is in their cell structure. The structure of the cell determines the density of the foam, and different residential and commercial situations can warrant the use of each type of foam. We are able to measure each foam’s capacity for thermal resistance using their R-level, which measures the heat-conducting ability of a particular material.

  • Open-Cell Spray Foam: Because open-cell spray foam has a lower R-value, it is more airy and less dense. While it still fills a cavity thoroughly, ensuring your home is air-tight, it is lighter, and therefore is better suited to warmer climates. Open-cell spray foam may be a good budget option, as it tends to be cheaper than closed-cell foam.
  • Closed-Cell Spray Foam: Closed-cell spray foam has a much higher R-value than open-cell foam, and is thus much harder and more rigid. This foam is thick, ensuring a strong barrier between your family and the elements. Closed-cell spray foam is especially water resistant, and is therefore the best protection against any moisture concerns.

Which One Should You Choose?

Each foam offers benefits, but should be used only when it is appropriate. For example, if sound is a major concern, open-cell spray foam provides the best noise-reduction qualities. However, that option may leave your property more vulnerable to dampness, if your area suffers from inclement weather or significant humidity.

Ultimately, only a trained professional like those at Spray Foam Insulation Westminster are qualified to advise you on which foam is best for your home and your needs. We are qualified to consult on any residential or commercial insulation needs and always give a free estimate. During business hours, a local spray foam professional will be happy to chat with you at 720-619-8255.

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